The future of legal services: Unbundled services


The cost of legal services can often be budget stretching and for the average person, it is often a luxury they cannot afford. Getting legal representation can be heavy on the pocket as legal services are a privilege for those who can afford it. The longer a case is drawn out the more it will likely cost to get and keep legal representation.

Most lawyers work on an “all or nothing” cost basis so they will only represent you for an entire case and payment for it will be required in full or they will not represent you at all.

That being said, many legal services are undergoing quite a lot of changes, and while these changes may still be unknown by many, there is a new concept that has been introduced by many law organizations as they have seen the need among many people that cannot afford the cost of legal service.

Unbundled legal service is a service that is provided to those who are unable to afford legal cost or the full benefits thereof. Unbundled services allow attorneys to represent clients for parts of their case, and consequently being paid specifically for that part, rather than as a whole, or as a package. The main benefit being the reduction in the overall cost of hiring and retaining a lawyer.

Most people struggle to afford assistance for basic things such as divorces, and child custody battles, DUI’s and criminal cases, but with unbundled services they are able to obtain assistance from professional practitioners at much cheaper and hopefully affordable rates. This means that they can now only pay someone for mediation or just to handle the administration of their case or to ensure that their petition gets filed in court. So whatever the situation or legal assistance that is needed, the average person can get the professional and expert help that is needed without having to break the bank.

These services are aimed at helping lower or middle class families that cannot afford the legal services of the attorneys that only work on a full case basis. While many attorneys are not even aware of this as yet, the concept of unbundled services is fast spreading and become more available to many consumers and people in need of it

Unbundled services open doorways for people who would otherwise have dealt with a legal matter by themselves, simply because of their inability to afford an attorney, something which often might have a negative outcome for the individual involved. But with unbundled legal services, they can now receive expert advice and representation, and this will ultimately mean less people have to struggle doing things on their own.

It should however be pointed out that this service does not challenge the ethics of attorneys. It merely provides those less fortunate with a better way of equipping themselves with legal representation.

While some attorneys may not be offering unbundled services there are many others that has joined this movement and are offering to help those who need it. Unbundled services should be easier to obtain and help those in need. It equips all those who need help to obtain it and offers the same results you would receive from other attorneys.

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