Business Bankruptcy Lawyers: Sifting the Wheat from the Chaff.

For entrepreneurs and business people, the one constant that they are always faced with is the possibility of their business going bust for whatever reason. While there are many things they can try to do to prevent this from happening, such as hiring the best employees, following good business practices, being very effective with their marketing and sales, hiring a good small business lawyer NYC to offer sound legal advice, and much more. There are sadly many things that are beyond their control, any of which could individually or collectively lead to their business being deemed to have failed.

small business bankruptcy

Sadly when such a time comes for any individual and his or her business, the one thing left to do is to close up the business, and in the case of companies who still have debts to liquidate, this business closure also very possibly involves filing for a business bankruptcy, especially when the business is unable to meet its debt obligations at the close of business.

For such a business and its owner(s), it can often feel like a double jeopardy. Not only does the individual have to go through the pain of having to close a business for which a lot of time, money and other resource have very possibly been invested, but it also has to endure the often humiliating experience of having to file for bankruptcy. Neither of which is a nice feeling.

However, when the time does indeed come to file for this business bankruptcy, the question then remains how and what is the best way to go about it? While it is safe to assume that most people would want to go through the process on their own, perhaps to try and save on costs, this is not necessarily a wise thing to do. The complexities that can often be involved in filing for bankruptcy, especially when multiple debtors are involved, can often necessitate the process being preferably handled by a professional bankruptcy attorney who has been properly trained and is also has the requisite experience in doing so.

The one thing that the advent of the internet has brought with it is access to vast amounts of information at the click of a button. This information overload has also brought with it the problem of having to sift through all that information to find the right or most useful information we need. This problem also presents itself when it concerns our search for a Business Bankruptcy Lawyers.

Here are four things to consider when searching for a bankruptcy attorney to help or guide you in filing for bankruptcy for your business.

  1. Kindness and Compassion (and Communication): Given the amount of stress and worry that the individual who is in the process of filing for business bankruptcy is likely going through. The one thing he or she will want to avoid at all costs is anything or anyone who will only add to that stress and worry.

    Speaking to a bankruptcy lawyer, who instead of showing compassion and understanding towards you for what you are going through, but rather shows disdain, rudeness, or any other unpleasant attitude, is all but certain to increase that stress and worry and more.

  2. Is the Attorney a Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law: Where possible, make sure that the attorney you are speaking to is certified specialist in bankruptcy law. For instance, you might want them to a member of the American Board of Certification.

    The one advantage you can get from their membership of this organization is the fact that the organization, which is a non-profit, will often have rules and guidelines which its members must adhere to at all times.These guidelines and rules are all meant to ensure that its members’ exhibit professionalism at all times and provide the best possible advice and service to anyone who seeks to make use of their services.

  3. Are They National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) Certified?: Yet another professional membership you should consider ensuring that any potential attorney has is a membership of NACBA.

    Similar to the American Board of Certification, membership of this organization ensures that you can be sure that the lawyer adheres to certain standards, principles and best practices when it comes to dealing with clients who are filing for or are in the process of filing for bankruptcy.

  4. Meet with Multiple Lawyers: If there is one thing you absolutely need to do before you begin the process of filing for business bankruptcy, is to ensure you have spoken to several bankruptcy attorneys. It is always a good idea to always have several options whenever one needs to make a decision, more so one as important as bankruptcy.

    Speaking to several lawyers will allow get a better feel for different lawyers and will enable you ultimately chose one that you have the best rapport and connection with. Something which is guaranteed to make the entire process much less painful that it otherwise might be.

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